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Pima County Eviction Prevention Program


UPDATED 12/11/2020: Unfortunately, all current funding is fully committed to previous applicants. Tenants and landlords in need of Eviction Prevention and/or Rental Assistance from Pima County are currently being put on a WAITING LIST for future assistance. 

Please be aware that filling out this information form does NOT guarantee that you will be eligible for or receive assistance.

Completing this form WILL RESERVE a place on a waiting list in the case that more assistance becomes available (your place on the waiting list will be contingent upon determination of your eligibility at a later date).

It will also allow us to communicate with you electronically if other assistance becomes available.

Separate from this program, the CDC issued an eviction moratorium through Dec. 31, 2020, for people impacted by COVID-19.  However, you must submit a very short form to your landlord to be protected.  Go to to learn more and make sure you don’t get evicted while waiting for this program to pay your back rent.